tiger_eyez17 (tiger_eyez17) wrote in vanillabeannoel,

MOD// IMPORTANT NOTE to other mods & members

I put everything on a website. So, instead of doing the points or whatever your job is whenever you get it, at the end of the week just email me at tiger_eyez17@hotmail.com with what needs to be updated. But please put "Points" or "New members" or "probation" or whatever your job is in the subject.

MEMBERS- We're still looking for a probation mod. You don't have to collect member pics, I have that under control. You'd just have to email me at the end of the week with an update on the probation list.
Any questions, please comment and ask!

Also, from now on, you need to resize your own pictures. I can take care of the other 2, but in about 2 days I won't have time to do everything plus resize all the pictures. So PLEASE do it yourself. If you have questions on how to do this, ASK. It's not hard, I promise! You don't need some fancy program to do it either. You just need paint.

After these things happen hopefully things will run a little more smoothly.

Also, we need new members, so spread the word but please don't spam to people to don't want it. The community can get shut down by the LJ staff if there are too many people deleting our promotions and marking them as spam.

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